Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Titanomachina: Completed Systems

Besides the crew, weapons and other systems have been completed. Players play systems as actions, when it's their turn, and to give combo-bonuses to other systems being played as actions, and as reactions when it's not their turn.

Extra Armour does only one thing: it reduces a Titan's Initiative when activated! That said, it's a great alternative to have a leg cut off from a lucky shot. Players can discard these cards without activating them, but doing so brings the game closer to its end, with the deadline token moving one square along the turn track when a player discards a card without activating, combo'ing, or reacting with it.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Titanomachina: Completed Crew!

Had a couple of crew members outstanding, and they've come in complete with stats and everything. It might be worth mentioning what they are:

The square with rounded corners is the system/crew's Effect, as in how much of an effect on the game they have. Crew can repair damaged systems up to their effect, and have a minimum Effect of 2 for Initiates (3 for Adherents, 4 for Masters), so even an Initiate can repair Heavy damage, although a destroyed system is removed from the system diagram and is beyond quick, spot repair! Crew can also provide a combo-bonus for virtually every system (except Extra Armour), and that bonus goes up with their Effect.

The hexagon is the system/crew's Charge, as in how long it takes to charge the system or crew back up to use again. This can be affected by systems such the Plasma Capacitor, which helps other systems charge faster, or by weapon systems with the Shock trait, which causes systems to charge slower.

Finally there's the cost banner. When you're building a Titan deck, a deck of system and crew cards, each system and crew has a cost. If that system or crew is destroyed, then their token is removed from the system diagram and their card is discarded. At the end of the game each player adds up how many destroyed enemy crew, systems, and terrain they've scored.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Titanomachina: More Crew

Got some completed card art back from Loic Billiau today, and here's some male members of the crew, and then the personalities that the crew can give their Titan!


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Titanomachina: Some Crew

In Titanomachina the crew serve the Titan, and act like motile systems within the Titan's System Diagram. Their token is moved to where they're needed, and stays there until their token is moved again by playing the Crew card as an action or combo'd with another system.

Notably there are three types of crew in a Titan, starting with the youthful Initiates. These young crew members are selected by the divine whimsy of the Titan, and are still hopeful about what that means, and their future prospects in life.

Next up the seniority ladder are the Adherents. Functioning somewhat like non-commissioned officers these crew are typically of an age where they can experience mid-life crisis or two, and start to question whether being mangled in the service of a Titan is really what they want out of life. After all, they could be working as a cog in relatively safe surroundings. Safe, at least, until a  Titan decides she has had it up to here with her sister's high-handedness and comes to pick a fight.

Finally there are the Masters, whose advanced age has been won most often by counselling their Titan on the values of prudence and ducking behind buildings when being fired upon. Content in their service, having known little else, and with the loyalty of an old hound, these crew act as an inspiration to young Initiates and jaded Adherents alike.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Titanomachina: Titanides, or Pride with Prejudice

In a game such as Titanomachia, one might expect to command Titans, vast God-Machines of War. But what are the God-Machines, and what are they fighting over?

The Titans were the ancient order of powers overthrown by the Olympian gods. Having taken power from the primordial royalty by dint of castration, worked upon the body of their father the Sky, the Titans reigned supreme. But not unchallenged, as their siblings the Cyclops, the one-eye giants, and the Hecatonkhieres, the Hundred-Handed, showed. These they shut away in a relic from a previous universe, the primordial power of Tartaros, the Stormy Pit. The Olympians rose to challenge their fathers, though their mothers stood apart, and watched the Olympians ruin their Mother. The Olympians and their progeny had long ago left Gaia, and the Titans had returned to nurse their Mother back to health. Quite naturally they would be accompanied by their creations,

These are the answers that they give their creations, their worshippers, those who tithe and those who serve more directly. They are the machines that fancy themselves goddesses. Where the Titan commands, her crew obeys. But in order to meddle in mortal matters, a god needs worshippers to keep her on track, and her attention focused on the matter at hand. One does not presume to command a god.

Now, as Gaia is restored, once again her Children fall again to arms. The pride of a golden age is reputation, and where the power and prestige is the coin few are the goddesses that can avoid the call to war. The goddess selects a favourite from the crew, and through their personality animates the temple. Players select the personality of their Titan. 

Will your Titan be rapacious, and caught up with a bellicose enthusiasm for indiscriminate damage, or will she be gracious, and determined to defend her worshippers from such interlopers? Your Titan could also be pugnacious and spoiling for a fight, ready to go hoof-to-hoof with another Titan, or she could be sagacious and wise enough to conserve her strength for the battles ahead. 

Players win Titanomachina by scoring the cost of the enemy buildings and systems they destroy, and the cost of friendly buildings remaining on the board. Buildings are added to the board each time a Titan activates its Sensor systems. Rapacious personality Titans score an extra point for each enemy building they destroy. Gracious personality Titans score an extra point for each friendly building which survives till the deadline counter hits 18. Pugnacious personality Titans score an extra point for each enemy system they destroy. Sagacious personality Titans score an extra point for each system they have which survives the battle.